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 Alone Perbesar

Lots of people who pisses in the world. Honestly, I’m sick and disgusted with the attitude of those who always treated me as if I’m not the man who deserve them treated properly. Ahh, I wish my father was still there. Definitely now I’m leaning spoiled on his shoulders. If only time that mothers do not become angels of death Father ….
– Sitta –

His father was an ordinary photographer. Not well known anyway, but her father was superb. While the mother was a top-class model. Famous, but not great for him. Since his father died a year ago for reasons he could not accept, mother remarried to a man who does not know clearly. Whoever he is, what does it matter ?, so he says.

“Hey, blank.” Airin make Sitta reverie shattered. The girl was sitting in the garden behind his house while occasionally photographing trees. He likes the camera. Since childhood he loved to heed His father photographing. Last year, when the birthday-16, his father gave him a gift of a camera. The camera is now he uses. However, the same day his father went without a chance to see the photo jepretannya results.
“Uh, you Rin.” Sitta bit surprised by the arrival of Airin that impressed suddenly.
“Yes Sitta, I Airin. Again what the hell? “Airin looked cheerful as usual. Airin, Sitta friend who knew a year ago. Airin only wants to hear all the stories. And only Airin which he believes.
“Again motret wrote. Uh, let’s photo? “Said Sitta
“Perhaps,” said Airin enthusiastically while demonstrating ternarsis style.
Be they both take pictures ria. Together Airin, Sitta can do whatever he wants. Can be myself without having been criticized severely. Hence, Sitta rely on Airin. Maybe he can not do anything without Airin.
“Ta, you feel there is not the same strange papa’s half you?” Suddenly Airin ask that.
“Do not know. Hell “Sitta replied reluctantly.
“Sitta come on. At the time I was your papa clay brought a girl into your house “Airin trying to make Sitta believe.
“Papa’s half, do not forget” errata Sitta.
“Okay. Sorry. “
“Okay, now you tell us what happened” Sitta just want to know what the man was when he and his mother was not at home.
Airin told everything to Sitta. I do not know, do not know Airin Sitta know where, obviously he began to believe in all the stories Airin. Sitta also started incited by Airin words that told him to get rid of him.
“Really do not know themselves. All costs are borne by the mother. He was still good, just sitting down value to existing facilities in my house. Hufft. “Sitta muttered to myself.

At school, Sitta is a private closed. He was always alone, because no one willing to make friends with him. They said Sitta strange. But, there is one person who does not think so. At every opportunity, the man has always tried to get Sitta talk. Hence, Sitta fall in love with him. His name is Glenn. He’s a good person, at least according to Sitta so. They often tell stories, talk about things they think are fun. All friends staring strange at Sitta. “Why deket-deket Glenn?”, Maybe it was the meaning of their gaze. See Glenn cool, Sitta was nonchalant.

“Do not deket-deket Glenn, her boyfriend me.” Mandy, senior Sitta who are one year on it threatens to not approach Glenn again. Mandy intercepted when he was passing through the former art room which is now unused due to fire some time ago.
“Oh yes?” Sitta just pretend pretentious cool. This class brothers really childish and makes disgust.
“Watch it, if I’m still tough you the same way Glenn” he threatened again before leaving Sitta alone.

“Sister Glenn?” Sitta passed by Glenn and directly addressed.
“Sitta Uh … why not go home?” Asked Glenn.
“Hmm was first kak make notes in class,” said Sitta lie.
“Oh ..” then Glenn smiled, nodded politely at Sitta and passed.
When Sitta looked back, he saw sights that really do not want to see. He saw Glenn and Mandy hand. They went into the room where she and Mandy had spoken. Sitta saw Mandy smiled triumphantly towards him before going into the room.

Black fibers had started to paint the sky. Orange shadow began to fade and disappear over the coming night. Sitta peek His stepfather who was making out with a young woman in the family room. Gross. The woman is Mandy, who claim to be lovers Glenn. Slut, said Sitta in the liver. It turns out the story is true Airin. Sitta quickly swiftly snapped the moment with his camera.
“I did not lie the Ta?” Airin surprising Sitta.
“Airin? entrance from where? “asked Sitta quietly.
“Not important. What is clear now you have to clay what they lakuin. “Airin continues to be the engine for Sitta command. However Sitta never refuse any requested Airin.

As soon as his arrival, as soon as it is also the departure Airin. Airin suddenly disappeared somewhere. Sitta just looked away and shrugged.
Sitta furious. He wanted to kill two people who are seeing this. Sitta noticed something hanging on the neck Mandy. A necklace similar to the one currently worn. Seeing that, Sitta increasingly want to kill them.

Mandy walked into the kitchen, and when he returned there was a knife in his hand. Initially Sitta just want to know what will be done Mandy with a knife in his hand. However Sitta very surprised when the blade was visible through the heart of His stepfather. because of fear, Sitta ran into her room and locked myself. The camera was dropped for granted. She was shaking, cold sweat pouring all over her body. An event like this, has ever seen. This is the second.

Sitta only be huddled silently in his room. Echoing his parents quarrel. Supposedly, these days she’s having fun. Today is the birthday of the 16th. However, today’s incident is the worst gift that is given both parents. Not only from the mother. His father had given him a gift, a camera. His mother, hhmm.

This contention is a daily occurrence. Of course Sitta fed up and depressed. Today is the peak of it all. His father proposed to her mother in order to tell everyone about Sitta. During this Sitta always hidden. Her mother was afraid, if people know he already had a child, then offer jobnya will be reduced. Her mother did not want, the people know that he already had a child by Sitta. Ashamed, so he says.

“Plakk ..” hovering just slap on the cheek of his mother. Maybe Dad Sitta furious to hear excuses he was hearing.
Sitta peeked through her parents’ bedroom door slightly stretchable. Her body felt dazed witness what he saw. His father strangled his mother until lifeless. Then, the body was hung without feeling stiff. An alibi, as if his father died hanged himself.
Until now, Sitta never open your mouth about the death of his father. He kept silent and hide his feelings are depressed.

“Sitta …” shouts her mother made aware Sitta.
Seventeen-year-old girl ran to her mother who had just returned from work.
“Not Sitta ma, not Sitta. Mandy who lakuin ma. “Sitta said, as if already know what is going to ask his mother. He kept saying if it was not he who killed His stepfather, but Mandy.
“Who? Mandy? He’s your brother who died of the same class girlfriend time in the school art room fire you. What is wrong with him? He’s already dead. “His mother said quietly.

Since the death of his father, Sitta be strange. He shut down all her social network. He made a world of its own. Nobody is allowed to enter and pass through. He always angled. Therefore, people consider it strange.

“Hey, how come you never hang out at a friend’s apartment anyway?” Glenn, class brothers invite Sitta talk. Apparently the word “strange” does not apply to Glenn.
Sitta initially silent, but as Glenn did not want to give up to make him talk, he finally interjected.
“Sitta” he said quietly when Glenn ask his name.
After that the conversation began to flow between them. Glenn began to melt stiffness which has always shown Sitta. She did not hesitate to smile, laugh or joke.
Sitta fell in love with his senior. However, his feelings did not last long when he saw Glenn was holding hands with Mandy. Mandy is a sweetheart Glenn. Apparently, during this Sitta misrepresented Glenn attention to him. Glenn just sorry and sympathetic look at him is always alone and live outside the interaction with other people.
Sitta angry and hurt. He turned into another Sitta. Sitta killer. Without doubt and fear. He designed a plan. And the plan was the accomplishment at the right time.

After school.
“Mandy ..” calling Sitta. Mandy walked in front of him.
“You Sitta right? Finally you want to talk anymore. My friends you say you do not want to talk. Gratitude deh. Oh yes, it is worth what? “Mandy smiled friendly towards him.
“Sister Glenn said, if you meet in order to space the arts. Do not know deh doing “Sitta said flatly.
“Oh .. thank ya message?” Mandy smiled again before leaving Sitta.

Sitta smiled with satisfaction. Previously, the same thing has been said also on Glenn. Saying that Mandy sent him to art space. And when the two of them were in the room, he quickly locked the room. Then, without thinking, the room was burned severely. Perhaps the day’s luck is still in Sitta. There are no witnesses who saw evil behavior. Everyone thinks, the fire was just an accident. And when Sitta back to his old self, he could no longer remember his actions. Everything seemed never happened, just disappear. Such as the loss of control of her killer figure.

Sitta surprised by the explanation mother. Mandy could not be dead, and that with Dad tiriya that anyone ?!
“No ma Sitta, their photos. Sitta had secretly take. “Then he ran to his room and picked up a camera that had digolekkanya granted.
He saw all the photos stored in the camera. Sitta more confused, when looking at all the pictures together Airin in the park the other day. There are only himself in the picture, one where no Airin. Sitta increasingly shaky and confused when viewing photos Mandy and stepfather. Nobody Mandy in that picture, but he and his stepfather were enshrined there.
Sitta dropping the camera. He did not seem to believe with all of them.
“You can still say, if it was not you who did it? With bloodstained clothes like this? “Her mother shouted.
“And still evasive? Necklace that got you. “Show her mother on a silver necklace that had red blood.
Sitta shook his head. He watched her carefully. True, his body was covered with blood.
“Mama which forms an assassin in self Sitta. The mama who killed my father? “Sitta snapped.
Her mother was silent. Sitta suddenly approached and strangling his mother to death.

Sitta sitting alone in the garden behind his house. He was busy taking pictures. Lonely girl who always hoped that it always has a friend, a course. So he could tell about his feelings suppressed. He always painted figure of a friend in imajinya. A female friend who is very sweet and jolly. Without her knowing it, desire it too is expected to make it could no longer distinguish between the real and the virtual. The boundary between the imaginary and the real world no longer know. A figure that has always lived in his mind alone, as appears to be the apparent figure in his life. That Airin. Friends who tried revival.

Sitta photographing himself. Smiling, laughing, embracing, as if she was with someone. In fact, in the garden there are only himself. There was no one else there.

When in school, he still considers that Glenn, seniors who likes still alive. He made a moment as if he and Glenn were talking. Also Mandy, Mandy also made his own character. because he considers Glenn Mandy had captured him, he created the figure of Mandy become evil. He designed an incident, in which Mandy blow up-scolded to stay away from Glenn. Actually, there were only him in the space of art that have been burned. Mandy and Glenn just trying to figure apparent revival. Just like Airin. The difference, Airin is purely imaginary figure. While Glenn and Mandy, the two men once were real and had been involved in life Sitta.

Mandy who had been considered had a special relationship with His stepfather, is actually him. When he felt that he was seeing it all, right then and there he was acting as the culprit. He seems only as a witness, but it is a figure that is being seen themselves.

When he photographed Mandy and His stepfather, when it was he who invited the father to take pictures with. When another figure appeared in her back, unconscious he would do whatever he was ordered by his other self. Because of that, he killed his step father. In fact he realized when his mother denied dibicarannya figures. Figures illusions.

Sitta never know, distress that had been kept and let accumulate, has disrupted all that was in him. All distress was formed other persons. Other private figure that appears when Sitta want to be like that figure. Sitta killer, and Mandy mistresses His stepfather who actually is she is an example of another’s personal. A figure created by the enormous distress. Airin the instigator, the figure of Glenn and Mandy, it is imagination that figures painted in the imagination, then figure it seeks revival. And when it has real character, he designed his own events what he wanted to happen.

The killer figure appears when Sitta very shocked at the behavior of his mother without feeling hangs father. Since then, Sitta slightly disturbed. Airin arise when Sitta was lonely and needed a friend to remove all sense of distress. Medium Glenn and Mandy, arises because the two people involved together private “killer”.

Ultraviolet light has seemed to hang curtains golden form. In a room, staring out the window Sitta. Empty gaze. Now, the girl was in a rehabilitation home. Unify the fragmented private-private. Also eliminates imaginary friends. He faces a personal unification was alone. There are no more people would give him support. because everyone who is supposed to make life more colored, was killed by his own hand.

It turns out all this time I was lonely. I was always alone. Airin never existed, as well as Glenn and Mandy. True, everyone was simply false. Figures that I created myself. From the beginning until now, I was always alone. Even later also, I will continue alone. Lonely, lonely, will continue to reside in this life that is almost dead …

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